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The future is ancestral

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What is P A L A F I T A S ?

We are nature.

The ancestral peoples already knew this, but we have unlearned to live in harmony with the planet, our home.


Life in cities is less and less sustainable. Lack of time, anxiety, environmental catastrophes and pandemics are the result of disconnection with our inner self, with the others and with nature. Change is urgent. It takes more than rescuing ancestral knowledge, it is necessary to live it.


P A L A F I T A S comes to provide unique experiences that reconnect us with the web of life, showing nature not as a source of resources, but as an extension of ourselves.


"The new worlds must be experienced before they can be explained"

Alejo Carpentier

Palafitas conducts enchantment experiences through group immersions in traditional communities, designed to support local development, exchanges of knowledge and strengthening bonds of affection and cooperation. Valuing the forest, its biodiversity, local people, ancestry and popular culture.



Valuing and honoring traditional wisdom by promoting the exchange of knowledge 


Experience the essence of community life, right from the source

Promote rich and deep interaction between generations: adults and children



There is nothing more powerful than direct experience

Bring cultures together, shorten distances, build bridges. Experience exchanges, learn from each other and form networks. People with people

The interaction with different realities and livelihoods expands our view of the world and of ourselves

Learning together, we grew up together

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Contact with nature brings us back to our essence

Provide moments of reflection, reconnection, awareness and experimentation


Recognise that we are not only part, but we are nature